Vegetable Oil vs Vegetable Oil: Trade Barriers Over Palm Oil

  1. By: CPOPC

TRADE POLICY ISSUES. Palm oil is undoubtedly one of the commodities that has been developed to improve the economic and social fabric of palm producing nations. The comparative advantage that palm oil has over rapeseed, amongst others, that is largely produced in Europe, has created unprecedented challenges to the industries in developed nations.

Indonesia, the biggest palm oil producer, for instance, has faced several anti-dumping and subsidies cases brought by industries in the European Union (EU) and the United States of America in the bio-fuel sector. While the use of instrument of trade defense forms part of the rule based system, the rejection of raw material costs by the EU in a recent anti-dumping case underlies efforts to undermine the comparative benefits that developing nations possess.

This is likely to breach the Uruguay Round where developing countries were generally informed that commitment to the trade process would deliver “win-win” solutions for all countries developed and developing alike as countries would be able to take advantage of each-others respective comparative advantages.

At the trade policy level in multilateral negotiations, there is also a need to protect the interests of palm oil producing countries or at least be willing to exchange views towards the possibility of adopting common positions in the framework of the WTO on trade policy issues.  Unity of purpose will help defend the trade interest of palm oil and products well into the future.

7th Ministerial Meeting Statement

KUALA LUMPUR – The Ministers responsible for the palm oil industry from Malaysia, Her Excellency Mdm. Teresa Kok, Minister of Primary Industries of Malaysia, and His Excellency Mr. Darmin Nasution, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia co-chaired the 7th Ministerial Meeting of Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 16 July 2019. The Meeting was also attended by Colombia, represented by His Excellency Mr. Mauricio Gonzalez Lopez, Ambassador of Colombia to Malaysia, in its capacity as an observer state.

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To Tie in with Thailand

BANGKOK – The newly appointed Executive Director of Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC), Tan Sri Datuk Dr Yusof Basiron, conducted a two-day visit to Bangkok, Thailand, in early July 2019. The essence of the visit was to introduce CPOPC’s new board of directors, as the organization seeks to open channels for the government of Thailand to join CPOPC.

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