Rolling Out the Sustainability Movement for Smallholders

  1. By: CPOPC

PUTRAJAYA – To ease oil palm smallholders in grasping the complex concepts of sustainability, CPOPC organized a consultative workshop on Best Agricultural Practices (BAP) in oil palm cultivation on 6-7 August 2018 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The workshop convened 24 Malaysian and Indonesian resource persons and brought forth 10 BAP applications in selected areas of oil palm cultivation that are set to be accordant with seventeen objectives of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

‘’We must be seen to support the sustainability movement and help smallholders to embrace the principles and indicators with keen determination and commitment,’’ told The Honorable Mr Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Primary Industries of Malaysia, during the opening remarks.

The two days event was run in a format of small group discussion (4-6 persons), panel presentation, and question-answer focusing on selected areas of oil palm cultivation.

The selected areas include: controlled environmental composting (empty fruit bunch composting for organic manure); networked, community solar panel and rainwater capture (community renewable energy shared utilization); leguminous cover crops (prevention of soil erosion, soil moisture control and nitrogen fixation); biodiversity on barn owls-snakes-frogs- mosquitoes; forest fire infrastructure and fire protection strategies.

The workshop shall act as a facility among the two countries’ oil palm cultivation experts dedicated to assist smallholders. In addition, the workshop is an initial step to activate the CPOPC Smallholders Forum.

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The Ministers responsible for the palm oil industry from Malaysia, Her Excellency Mdm. Teresa Kok, Minister of Primary Industries of Malaysia, and His Excellency Mr. Darmin Nasution, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia co-chaired the 6th Ministerial Meeting of Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 28 February 2019. The Ministry of Agriculture of Colombia was represented by Mr Felipe Fonseca Fino, Director of Agricultural Rural Planning Unit.

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