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Topic: Bright Opportunities for Millennials Career and Future in Palm Oil Industry


Oil palm, both upstream and downstream, seems to hold little allure for millennials in a career. This stems from misconception, built upon adverse publicity. From unpalatable labels over 3D jobs to calling out on industry pain points, oil palm is an industry with a seemingly negative rub-off. Is it an uphill battle to convince millennials? How bright is the scope for millennials of diverse education levels? Can smallholder plots survive through millennials?

Know the unknown, with views, opinions and assessments, during an intellectually juried panel forum.


Panellist One:

Eric Kiu Kwong Seng
Chief Operating Officer of Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad
Chairman of Sarawak Oil Palm Plantation Owners Association

As Chief Operating Officer of SOPB, Eric is acutely cognisant of the lukewarm interest among millennials towards charting a career path in the palm oil industry. In addition, the team and he at SOPPOA, are well aware of the challenges members face in addressing this dilemma of conveying the rainbow across horizons in the palm oil industry, of what the entire value chain presents. Eric holds an Honours Degree in Engineering (Manufacturing & Management) from University of Nottingham and a Master of Business Administration from University of Leeds

Panelist Two:

Datuk Haji Daud Amatzin
Chairman of The Incorporated Society of Planters
President of International Institute of Plantation Management
Adjunct Professor of Faculty of Plantation & Agro-technology, Universiti Teknologi MARA

With over 45 years in the plantation industry, and in the capacity of game changing positions, Datuk Haji Daud is an expert in almost every sector, where he has been part of the exponential growth of the palm oil industry in Malaysia. His knowledge on the how and the why that attracted young professionals over the decades puts him in good stead to articulate the industry’s wide career highway for millennials, as seen in his contributions at industry events and in the media. Datuk Haji Daud holds an Honours Degree in Law and a Diploma in International, Commercial and European Law, both from the University of Sheffield and a Master of Management from Universiti Malaya.

Panelist Three:

Professor Dato’ Dr Ahmad Ibrahim
Professor of Chemical Engineering, UCSI University
Senior Advisor Malaysia of Fraunhofer Research Network Germany

From the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia to the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia to the Malaysian Palm Oil Council to the Standard and Research Institute of Malaysia to the Malaysia University of Science and Technology to the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, Prof Dato’ Dr Ahmad has created and left footprints of innovation. Along with being a Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering & Technology and a Fellow of the International Rubber Research & Development Board, he is actively interested in Policies for Sustainable Cities, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, Low Carbon Management, and, Science, Technology and Innovation studies on Energy, Water and Agriculture. Prof Dato’ Dr Ahmad graduated in Chemical Engineering from Monash University, did a Post-graduate at Cornell University, has a PhD in Wastewater Engineering from Newcastle University, and, attended the Advanced Management Programme at Oxford University Business School.

Date & Time:  

Thursday 28 October 2021 (10.00 AM Malaysian Time)

Platform: Zoom

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