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Topic: “Palm Oil-Free Labels: Misleading the EU consumer”


“Free from” labels are designed to indicate to consumers that an ingredient that is harmful to human health or the environment is not present in a product. This practice has been used misleadingly when it comes to palm oil, vegetable oil that is increasingly being produced sustainably and with a healthy nutrition profile, yet the continued use of the label has a defamatory effect on palm oil. As such, palm oil which has been produced in respect of high environmental and health standards remains an object of targeted discrimination by “palm oil-free” labels. In the meantime, consumers are being misled into purchasing products containing alternative vegetable oils which may have the worst environmental performance or nutritional profile compared to some palm oils.

Opening Statement:

Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Yusof Basiron, Executive Director, CPOPC

Key Speakers:

Ms. Imkje Tiesinga, Advisor of Food Legislation, European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA)

Nico Roozen, Honorary President, Solidaridad Network


Prof. Pietro Paganini, Co-Founder of Competere

Date & Time:    

13 October 2021

11:00 – 12:00 CET

Platform: Zoom

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