SELANGOR – Attended by over 360 participants, the 1st Palm Oil Supply and Demand Outlook Conference (POSDOC) 2019 was held on 22 October 2019 in Bandar Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia, becoming the first-ever event involving close cooperation between various stakeholders from Indonesian and Malaysian oils and fats fraternity. Ten distinguished speakers who are prominent in their fields have presented their valuable views based on their authority, experience, and expertise. The conference aims to provide a strategic platform for interaction and in-depth deliberation. ‘’Participants will gain valuable perspective on the latest forecasts and outlooks devising a timely strategy and market plan, especially for the year 2020,’’ told The Honorable Madam Teresa Kok, Minister Primary Industries of Malaysia, who officiated the event.

This conference also incorporated the “Indonesia Malaysia CEO Forum (IMCEOF)” to present the leadership thinking and future direction on how to expand the palm industry to a greater height. Nine prominent captains of the industry from the two largest producers and exporters of palm oil shared their views in mapping priorities, interests, and aspirations of the palm oil-producing countries. ‘’In line with the functions and our common expectations of CPOPC, today’s conference serves as a platform of consultation for palm oil stakeholders in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as participants from other countries,’’ told The Honorable Madam Musdhalifah Machmud, Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Republic of Indonesia.

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Paper 1:
Global Partnership on Palm Oil Opportunities and Future Sustainable Development of Palm Oil Producing Countries

Tan Sri Datuk Dr Yusof Basiron
Paper 2:
Estimation of Palm Oil Production in Indonesia 2020 and the Potential Yield Factors

Joko Supriyono
Paper 3:
Fertigation of Palm Oil

Tunku Dato' Seri Kamel
Paper 4:
Smallholders Perspective on Palm Oil Supply

Tolen Ketaren
Paper 5:
Global Supply & Demand Dynamics and Price Outlook

Datuk Dr Kalyana Sundram
Paper 6:
Implementation of B30 Mandate and Beyond

Paulus Tjakrawan
Paper 7:
Analysis of Global Demand, Supply and Exports - Meeting Future Requirement

Ivy Ng, CFA

Paper 8:
Understanding the Palm Oil Market Trends and Price Analysis

Dr Sathia Varqa

Paper 9:
Key Factors in Determining CPO Prices in the Near Future

Oscar Tjakra

Paper 10:
Palm Oil Industry in Colombia, Investment Opportunities

Adriana Maldonado


Paper 1:
Responding to Depressed Palm Prices, A New Norm?”

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lee Oi Hian

Paper 2:
Handling European Governments and NGO’s Pressure Against Palm Oil

Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor

Paper 3:
Sustainable Certification Systems and Challenges

Jeremy Goon

Paper 4:
Haze Regulations and Concession Fire

Joko Supriyono

Paper 5:.
Promoting Cooperation Among Oil Palm Planters

Mr Joseph Tek

Paper 6:
Empowering Smallholders in Meeting SDGs 2030

Mohamad Fadhil Hassan

Paper 7:
Industry Wish List

YBhg Datuk Mohamed Nageeb Abdul Wahab

Paper 8:
Human Capital Collaboration Among Palm Oil Producing Countries

Dr Ramesh Veloo

Paper 9:
SDP’s Vision for Palm Oil Industry

Roslin Azmy Hassan