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CPO Indonesia, CPO Malaysia and SBO Rotterdam Daily Closing Prices

Source: Palm Oil Analytics (POA)




Market Trend

Market Trend The Palm Oil Supply and Demand Outlook: Report 2022

The Palm Oil Supply and Demand Outlook 2022 report summarises the presentation and discussion held at the CPOPC webinar on Outlook for Challenges and Opportunities for Palm Oil Producer Countries (OCOPOP) held in November 2021. The palm oil industry forecast a tight stock situation and higher prices to run into 2022. This report presents the Council’s analysis on the supply-demand drivers for price and market outlooks for the coming year.


CPOPC Database


The CPOPC Palm Oil Database is a free and open access platform to palm oil-related data. The CPOPC Palm Oil Database provides a number of thematic information from major palm oil-producing countries.

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Joppor Journal

Journal of Oil Palm and Palm Oil Research (JOPPOR) is an open source on-line peer reviewed research journal published by the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC).

Joppor Journal
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Providing about half of the world’s supply of palm oil, Indonesia remains to be the world’s biggest producer and consumer of the commodity. Palm oil production is central to the economy of Indonesia and accounts for 11% of Indonesia’s export earnings. This makes it the largest export commodity, exceeding oil and gas export value. Notably, the export value of the Indonesian palm oil reaches up to USD 23 billion in 2017, marking an increase of 26% from 2016.


As the world’s second-largest producer of the commodity, the oil palm industry is not only vital to the Malaysian economy but it also plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the demand of a growing global population is met. Malaysia has a vital role to play in achieving the rising global need for oils and fats, as Malaysia is one of the major producer and exporter countries of palm oil and palm oil products.